Submitted by DenRaf on Fri, 07/11/2008 - 22:48

KarenS (not verified)

Sat, 07/12/2008 - 14:57

Very nice idea -- seems it would eliminate the need for poormanscron, which has its problems, and even if you have access to do cron configuration it's nice to only have to do it in one place for several sites. It fits nicely with some other modules that let you manage several Drupal installations from one place.

I tried it out and ran into a couple issues and you don't have any place to post them, so here they are:

1) The tarball is corrupt. I was able to reconstruct the files manually, but you might want to fix it.

2) It requires curl to work but doesn't check anywhere that curl is available before using it, causing nasty fatal errors. You might want to make that more clear and add a test for the available function before using it.

Once I got past those problems it worked very nicely.

You might want to create a project on drupal.org for this so you can have an issue tracker, or add an issue tracker on drupalcron.org :)


Thank you very much for the suggestions.

I've attached a new tar.gz which takes cares of both suggestions.
It checks if the curl extension is installed and if not it uses fsockopen for doing the calls to cron.php

Also I've tested the new tar and I could extract it without any problems.

I've requested my CVS account and when it is available, I'll create a project for it.

Thank you for testing.

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