wp2drupal module for drupal 6

Submitted by DenRaf on Thu, 06/19/2008 - 21:41

I'll be bookmarking this for future reference as I have a couple of outlaying WordPress blogs that need converting.

On a side note, the attached file has a funny ending ".tar__0.gz" and is displayed ".tar__.gz"

Thanks for your work.

I was glad to see this float through my rss queue. I've been thinking about saving some old info from a blog I put on pause 3 years ago by moving it to Drupal. I also recently had a friend ask about this. We both appreciate it. You've made our decision a good bit easier. It would be great to see this committed!

On my previous post (link) about this, the port was just in a state of "It works for me". But as commented on the post and I heard from others it wasn't working.

But for a new project it was required to work again :)

So after some little changes everything was working. As prove my colleague Dieter ported his blog from wordpress 2.5. Thanks to Dieter for the help.

The module can use a cleanup, but it works.