OTRS and remote MySQL database

Submitted by DenRaf on Mon, 10/08/2007 - 08:23

At our new company we have a dedicated MySQL database machine and we use OTRS for ticketing.

The thing is when you use the packages provided by otrs, you end up installing mysql-server on the otrs-machine. And that's just what I didn't want to do. So instead of just complaining I edited the spec files, the rcotrs-config files and rebuilded the rpm.

Now you don't need to install mysql-server anymore and the otrs init file isn't checking anymore for a running database. However the otrs init still tests the connection to the database. Just what we want.

You can download the src rpm here and the normal rpm here. In the src rpm you also find the spec files for the other supported plaforms (redhat 7.x, redhat 8.0, suse from off 7.3)