OpenID server

Submitted by DenRaf on Tue, 12/04/2007 - 22:42

These days we all like an online identity. In Belgium you could use the eID for authentication, but I prefer OpenID since I can control it completely.

After trying a few OpenID servers, I came along phpMyID. It is the best so far, so I will stick to it.

If you want your own OpenID server, follow this little howto

- Download the server from:
- Untar it
- create your hashcode: echo -n '<username>:phpMyID:<password>' | openssl md5
- Do your configuration in phpMyID.config.php. The auth_password is the hashcode.
- rename phpMyID.config.php to index.php
- upload the files to your server. (You can just put it in a folder that is world accessible)