Fosdem: round up

Submitted by DenRaf on Mon, 02/25/2008 - 07:41

Yep, also me antended some talks yesterday.

Started yesterday morning in the drupal room. Drupal 6 has just been released, but can't wait for Drupal 7 Killer Release.

Then headed to the xen talk, hmm, crowded and did reminds me off my post of saturday. Then I went back to the drupal room for the theming talk. Nice, but I expected more, for sure now with all the changes that came with Drupal 6.

Then I headed to the OpenQrm talk, but since it was almost the same presentation as I saw last time, I went back to the drupal room.

After lunch I visited the LVM and MySQL-proxy talk. Both very interesting talks. Next year I expect to see a full talk about the MySQL-proxy.

So after visiting the OpenWRT and the PostgreSQL HA talk, I was able to see the last few slides of Drupal and MySQL HA. This was for me the end of a nice weekend Fosdem.

By next year we need more bigger rooms. Not more rooms, cause then you will have to much talks at the same time, but more space is very welcome.